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About Kent Kite Flyers

WaldorffThe South Eastern Kite Society was formed in Canterbury in the early nineties, and has been flying kites throughout Kent ever since. In 2004 the society changed its name to Kent Kite Flyers. In the late 90s the club felt the need to find a wider audience in Kent, and searched for another site. After discussions with the then commander at the Ashford Police Training Centre, it was agreed that we could use their playing fields on the fourth Sunday of each month. However the public were not admitted to this site, which coflicted with one of our primary aims, which was to introduce kite flying to the wider public. Therefore, after several years, we decided to move away from this site and fly at more sites throughout Kent. Following many happy years flying at Kent College Playing Fileds in Rough Common, the club were offered the use of facilities at the Brogdale Farm Trust just outside Faversham, and home to the National Fruit Collection. In 20012, we made this our regular home, and now fly there on the third Sunday of every month. In addition to these fly-in days, we also attend several of their festivals, where we parachute unsuspecting teddy bears and make kites with the chilkdren - of any age! But we regularly fly at other sites, including Palm Bay in Thanet, Hythe Green and Mote Park in Maidstone. These “fly-aways” have to be fitted in amongst a busy kite flying calendar during the summer months so as not to clash with any festivals. In addition to these meetings, we are also willing to fly kites, parachute unsuspecting teddy bears and run kite-making workshops at school and village fetes, and almost any event where space permits safe flying.

The club holds a library of kite related videos and books available for members to borrow for free, It also has some two-line stunt kites for members to practice with, a complete teddy-parachuting system, a gazebo, stack of eddy kites and arch of eddy kites, all of which are available for loan to members.

So if you would like to find out a bit more about us, why not come along and meet us at a club meeting or one of the events we are attending. You will find details in the club calendar. If you want to join us, then you will find a membership application form here. If you want to check us out first, then you will find copies of our constitution and child protection statement by selecting from the "About" menu.

Kent Kite Flyers are affiliated with the British Kite Flying Association