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Child Protection Statement

The very nature of our activities will attract both adults and children to watch and participate, particularly as we generally fly in places accessed by the public.

There may be very rare occasions when people who might present a risk to children could attempt to exploit this by becoming members or “attaching” themselves to KKF to gain access to families and /or individual children. As a responsible organisation we must be aware and be confident to take the necessary action should a person or persons come to our attention as a possible risk to children. The welfare of children must be paramount above all other considerations.

For the purpose of child protection, any young person under the age of 16 is defined as a child. No person who is known to be registered as a sex offender will be permitted to become a member without proof from appropriate authorities that it is safe to allow such a membership; followed by acceptance from KKF Committee and full membership. If a member suspects or witnesses another member may be a risk to children for whatever reason they should contact the designated person for child protection and / or chairperson immediately.

The matter will then be dealt with sensitively taking necessary action using appropriate authorities – The local Police Child Protection Unit. There may on occasions worrying behaviour presented by a member of the public or another club. The procedure will remain the same, the matter must be reported to either the chairperson or designated child protection person immediately. If risk in both instances is deemed imminent contact should be made with the police directly and inform KKF officers as soon as possible thereafter. The alleged perpetrator must not be spoken to or confronted by any member of KKF unless advised to by an appropriate person in authority.

The designated person for child protection within the KKF should be familiar with child protection issues and be confident in dealing with and reporting incidents which may require liaising appropriately with statutory agencies (MAPPA)

The Chairperson should also be familiarised with such issues but not be deemed expert liaising directly with the child protection designate or in their absence the police.

The KKF must ensure appropriate training is undertaken by officers designated to implement the child protection policy. This is currently provided by members working in the field of child protection or alternatively by the Kent Safeguarding Children Board...