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Kent Kite Flyers Constitution

The name of the organisation shall be Kent Kite Flyers. (KKF)
The objects of KKF are:-

  1. The promotion of kite flying,
  2. To encourage public flying and awareness of kites.
  3. To further knowledge on all aspects of kite making and flying,
  4. Provide third party insurance protection for all members.


  1. Membership of KKF is available to all individuals aged 16 years or above, irrespective of where they live. Younger members are permitted only if they are recruited as family members and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  2. All members shall at all times act in the best interest of the club. Members must not bring the club into disrepute and are expected to promote a positive impression of KKF.
  3. No person who is known to be registered as a sex offender or known to be a risk to children shall be permitted to become a member. Unless proved to be of no risk by appropriate authorities and accepted by the membership.
  4. Any member may have their membership withdrawn if the committee decides by a majority vote that the member has brought KKF into disrepute.
  5. Any member may present in writing to committee any topic for discussion or deliberation prior to any committee meeting.
  6. Any member wishing to present a resolution for consideration at a general meeting must do so in writing to The Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting for inclusion in an agenda.


  1. The KKF financial year will run from January 1st to December 31st.
  2. Subscriptions will run for the same period as the financial year. Members joining after January 1st will pay proportional amounts for the remainder of the current year.
  3. The agreed level of annual subscriptions shall be effective from the start of the next financial year. This rate shall be proposed and accepted at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority vote of those present and eligible to vote. Categories of membership and voting rights shall be:-
    Single membership - Individuals aged 16 and over, 1Vote
    Family Memberships - All in one household to which family membership applies, 2 Votes.
    Honorary appointments, 1 Vote


  1. The Committee shall consist of three officers: a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer plus up to four other individuals. One individual must be designated for the purpose of child protection. This person is to be familiar with child protection issues and able to implement a child protection policy within KKF. Honorary positions i.e. President, may be appointed at annual meetings after notoriety within KKF. These appointments have voting rights and may be used to help continuity at general meetings. The Committee will serve for one year, standing down at the next annual general meeting. All officers and committee members may offer themselves for re-election.
  2. Members present at the annual general meeting shall elect the officers and committee. Any nominations for the post of an officer or a committee member must be proposed and seconded by members of KKF and such nominations must have the consent of the nominee. Nominations and consent to be nominated may be given verbally at the annual meeting or in writing to the secretary before the annual meeting.
  3. Unless decided otherwise by those present at the annual general meeting the election of officers and committee members shall be by secret ballot. Two members who are not nominated for election shall be elected to act as scrutineers for the counting of votes. The new officers and committee shall not take office until the business of the annual meeting has been concluded.
  4. The officers and committee are responsible for the day-to-day affairs of KKF. They are charged with ensuring that KKF remains solvent and that its aims and objectives are achieved.
  5. The Chairperson shall chair all committee meetings and general meetings of KKF. In his absence a simple majority from among those present shall elect a chairperson for the meeting.
  6. The Secretary is responsible for dealing with all correspondence relating to KKF, keeping minutes of all committee and general meetings. The Secretary is responsible for arranging all meetings of the KKF, maintaining the membership list and sending out membership reminders. A designated membership secretary may be appointed if necessary
  7. At least one general meeting of KKF members – the annual general meeting – must be held each year.
  8. The Treasurer is responsible for the proper administration of KKF finances and property; this will be under the general guidance of the committee.
  9. All financial commitments shall require the signature of the Treasurer and at least one other officer or member of the committee thus authorised
  10. The Treasurer shall be responsible for producing a statement of KKF finances for every meeting of the committee and annual statement of account for presentation to the annual general meeting.
  11. The committee shall be responsible for distribution of information to the membership.
  12. The committee may set up sub-committees as it shall require, necessary for the time being to carry out specific tasks, such as organisation of a festival or other project.
  13. The committee has the power to co-opt members. Co-opted members of the committee shall have full voting rights on the committee and shall bear the same responsibilities as elected members.


  1. Committee meetings will be organised at times and at locations to suit the convenience of the officers and committee members. At least four committee meetings must be held in any year.
  2. One general meeting of KKF Membership -–The Annual General Meeting (AGM) – must be held each year.
  3. Business at the AGM must include -
    1. Approval of previous general meeting minutes;
    2. An annual report of the activities of KKF.
    3. The Treasurers report and presentation of audited annual accounts.
    4. The election of officers and committee members;
    5. Appoint Auditors for annual accounts.
    6. Present, deliberate and vote on any resolution received prior to the meeting and included for agenda.
    7. A general debate on topics raised on the day by those present at the meeting.
  4. All members of KKF must receive at least 14 days written notice of a general meeting - either in writing by letter or via some other confirmable written format.
  5. In the event of a tied vote or ballot at a general meeting of the members or at a meeting of the committee The Chairperson shall have a casting vote – In the event of a tied vote any resolution should fall unless the meeting agrees to a fresh debate and a second vote.
  6. A special meeting of the committee may be called by The Chairperson in consultation with The Secretary or by The Secretary if either officer receives a notice calling for a special meeting and signed by at least three members of the committee.
  7. A special meeting of KKF members must be called by The Secretary if the officer receives a notice calling for a special meeting and signed by at least 50 per cent of recorded members of KKF. Such a special meeting must be held within 60 days of the receipt of such notice. All members must be given 30 days written notice of the special meeting.
  8. At the annual general meeting or at any extra general meeting of KKF: each fully paid up individual or special member shall be entitled to one vote, while those holding family membership will be eligible to cast two votes.


  1. KKF may be wound up at a special general meeting of the membership called for that purpose by the committee or following a notice to The Secretary signed by 75 per cent of the current paid up and recorded members.
  2. The winding up motion must be approved by 75 per cent of those attending the meeting and eligible to vote.
  3. If a winding up motion is approved; the eligible voting members at the meeting shall determine by a simple majority the disbursement of any moneys or property held by KKF.


  1. This constitution may only be amended by resolution at an annual or extra general meeting of KKF.
  2. Amendments can be taken at general meetings of KKF or by written details to The Secretary for discussion at the next general meeting.
  3. Any amendment to this constitution must be approved by 75 per cent of those present and eligible to vote.