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Monsters on a beach

Sunday 19th February saw a few of us head down to th ecoast to fly some kites. There was much discussion about exactly where we should go. Should it be Greatstone, or Romney, or Lydd, or Lydd-on-Sea or Dungeness? In the end, we found a car park at somewhere called The Lade. And depending on who you speak to it is one of the above! But who cares, we had fun.

The weather wasn't brilliant, the sun did break through briefly. But for the most part, there was a good steady off-shore breeze. So we managed to put some colour into the sky and received many compliments from various passers by who stopped to look and take photos and videos.

For some reason, I don't think we've ever flown there before, but I can't think why not, as there are all the facilities we need, a small car park, but on road parking as well, toilets and a shop. Unfortunately the fish and chip shop nearby was closed, but I'm told the one in Greatstone was serving excellent produce.

The only minor drawback with the location is the proximity to London's major international airport - London Ashford - which used to be known as Lydd Airport when I was young. This meant that we had to restrict ourselves to no more than 100 feet off the ground. But with good flat ground for miles around and a steady breeze, this really wasn't a problem.

Here are some pictures from the day. You'll find more here




Pork in the sky





Next weekend it looks like we will be at Milton Creek Country Park in Sittingbourne if the weather is kind to us.

Happy 2017

Hi all, we've been away for a while, but welcome into a new year. The original plan was to go out flying on New Year's Day. But unfortunately the weather gods were determined to keep us tucked up indoors. However, those nice men at the Met Office promised us much better conditions for bank holiday Monday, and for once they got it right.


Up Milton Creek - bring your own paddle

Kris used to be a ranger at Capstone Park, and also a keen kite flyer (before Children came along).Since last year he has been green spaces ranger for Swale Borough Council, and one of the parks he is responsible for is Milton Creek Country Park. It's a strange little place, hidden behind houses, you wouldn't know it was there unless you knew it was there! But once you find it, its a fabulous open space, fairly flat, and opens out onto the creek and the Swale estuary. So with the winds coming off the estuary, they're alsmost guaranteed to be pretty smooth.


Something Old Something New

On Sunday 11th December 2017 a few of us turned up at Tonbridge park to fly some kites. It was a gloriously sunny day, but there was very little wind. However we made the best of the conditions.


Successful Test Flight

The opera masks had arrived on Monday and I was itching to give them some air. So on Suday afternoon I headed off down to Sellindge sports and social club early afternoon to try them out. The wind conditions at home weren't too bad, but at the last minute I decided to through a powersled 36 into the car, and I'm glad I did.


Light up the Ground

Sometimes its just no meant to be. We did our best, but the weather gods were determined to beat us. But fortunately they failed!


One Sky One Wet World and other stuff

As is traditional in kite flying circles, the second Sunday in October every year is used to celebrate One Sky One World. Its a celebration of the fact that we all share the same air, no matter what part of the world you live in, and we fly to promote peace.