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Kite rescue in Woodchurch

Sunday 4th November saw 3 of us arrive at Woodchurch to fly some kites. It was a warm bright afternoon, with a gentle breeze to start with.

However lets not be fooled by the Woodchurch wind. We know it can be tricky as the trees surrounding the green cause a significant amount of low level turbulence. And Simon got caught out by it. He was flying a midi ray from a pilot, and had hoped that it was all within the field. Unfortunately a shift in the wind meant the pilot was flying over the large horse chestnut tree behind the pavilion. Then a sudden change in the wind caused the pilot to collapse. Simon was unable to get to the line in time, and the kite could not recover on its own, it fell towards the tree. Remarkably the line fell over the very top of the tree, but there was sufficient line for the kite to land on the ground in the garden beyond. Now how to recover it. Fortunately, the owner of the house came out and asked if we would like to go into his garden to recover the kite. A very grateful Simon went with the owner to unhook the kite while I held the line, and once the kite was unhooked, it was easy to recover the line, which didn't snag in the tree. A kite successfully rescued. But that was it for the pilot and ray as it proved impossible to launch again as the wind at ground level simply wasn't playing fair.

Meanwhile we all enjoyed the conditions keeping several kites in the air until about 3:30pm when the breeze finally faded away to nothing and kites started to come back to ground. A pleasant enough afternoon, with lots of pleasant comments from local passers by  whoe seemed to enjoy the display.