Welcome to the internet home of Kent Kite Flyers. We are the only "normal" kite club in Kent. By "normal" we mean that we fly non-traction kites. Some of our members fly power kites, but our insurance does not permit traction sports, such as kite surfing or buggying.

We are an inclusive group. Our members range in age from about 10 to the mid-eighties. We have strong policies on abusive behaviour, racism, sexism, ageism and all the other isms. Our aim is to be friendly and welcoming, so why not come along to one of our regular fly-ins and see if we can introduce you to an interesting and rewarding pastime.

We fly our kites all over the county, and sometimes even head into Sussex and Essex. Our members regularly attend kite festivals in the United Kingdom and in the near continent, and some of our members happily fly further afield, for example in South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East! We try to fly somewhere every week when the British weather allows. We make a decision around the middle of the week on where we will be flying the following weekend. Our favoured flying day is Sunday, though we sometimes fly on a Saturday if it looks like the weather will be better. You can find out where we hope to be flying on our discussion forum

As a club, we can provide insurance for your kiting activities anywhere in the world (excluding the United States and Canada) and we are affiliated to the British Kite Flying Association